February 6, 2011

Lesson Share Almost There

Here are the lessons I've formatted . . .

If yours is not on the list, I somehow overlooked it in my inbox! Please let me know.

I'm almost there. I want to get them to you as much as you want them. Some of the images are very large so instead of formatting them so I can e-mail them all to you (because they take forever to load) I might just put them on a common site where you can download the ones you like and print from there. 

Art Game
Trucks Using Shapes
Warm and Cool Hand Design
Collage Robots
Have you Seen My Cat?
Inside Outside House
Artist Tools
Four Letter Words
What Will A Squiggle Become
Jacob Lawrence Collage
Words That Describe Themselves
Me Stack
Not A Box
One Shape Only
Mosaic Fish
Op Art Line Design
Shape and Pattern Pizza
Masterpiece with a Twist
One Shape Only
Eskimo Faces
5 Senses Writing and Drawing
Radial Design
Art Career Postage Stamps
Finger Print Stories
What Can You Do With A Dot?
Torn Paper Landscapes
Line Design
Symmetrical Kites
Color Wheel Hands
Aboriginal Art
Drawing Tasks
and two surprise lessons from me. . .



Kristyn DeMint said...

Looking forward to it! Thanks!

Susan Bivona, Art Teacher said...

Yes, I think putting them somewhere we can all find them/download them sound like a great idea!
~ Susan