February 19, 2011


Okay, so as you know I'm a little into blogging. I just don't want to post all my baby stuff on this blog (which seems to be mostly about art) so I created a new one called Lamamomma.

If you're interested in mom stuff so am I! Especially, since this is my first experience with all of it. I'll admit my first two posts are a little brutal, but I'm sure things will turn around! Especially once the baby comes and I don't have to hear about everyone's birth experience everywhere I go. Enough for now! If you're interested in more ramblings feel free to take a peek! I promise I won't be the momma who tells you my baby girl poops skittles and spits up rainbows. . . or maybe I will (gag). . . who knows I've never done this before. 


Christie - Fine Lines said...

Hope your little one is with us soon. Once you passed Valentine's Day I was rooting for the 18th (my birthday), but that seems to have passed and you are still hanging in there. Have a great day!!

Kreanimo said...

I wish you the best with your baby! My boy turned 4 months today. The delivery wasn't a horror story! But I do know what you mean, people always seem to tell the worst! But you know what? Having my baby boy was the most beautiful day of my life! Seriously! So what ever comes, enjoy!

Janie B said...

You look great!

Unknown said...

Fine Lines: I was rooting for Valentines day too! Happy BIRTHDAY by the way! Hope you had a great day.
Blue Bird: 4 months! Congrats I'll check out your blog I want pictures:) I'm so glad it was a good experience people forget to tell you the good experiences!
Janie: Thank you! That makes me feel great!

Thanks for the kind wishes! You never know maybe my due date was wrong. Feeling good so I decided to move my induction date till 10 days past due date (to the chagrin of my doctors luckily I found a great pediatrician after my own terrible experiences with this practice, experience makes me wiser and I interviewed). I am hoping she comes or at least by then my body will be more ready and starting the process. Everyday is a new day and it could be today!

Phyl said...

huh. I could have sworn I left a funny comment for you yesterday! Maybe I forgot to do the word verification? Shoot.

Phyl said...

Anyhow - my story was about a OB/GYN doc I didn't care for - who first told me my due date was Jan 1, and then after an ultrasound decided "the head looks bigger than the body" so maybe the due date should be Jan 8. I said "huh?" I mean was I going to deliver the head one week and then wait a week to deliver the rest of him? Seems like an awkward scenario, no? Ironically I didn't deliver on either of those dates; he was born Jan 11 and luckily the OTHER doc in the practice, his partner, who I liked better, was on duty then. 22 years later he seems to have turned out OK, though maybe there are times he IS a little big-headed. :-)

Unknown said...

You Did! Just on the other blog!!! Two blogs two many:) But I don't want to bore people with all my Stella ramblings when they come here for art!

Ultrasounds used to be like doppler radar I hear. My mom was told I would was due March 1st and I never came till March 29th so I guess a few days past the date isn't anything to worry about. But I called the Dr. and told him we wanted to wait till at least 10 days past due date and he was not cool with it. Oh well. . . when you have a Dr. you don't gel with you just have to tell them how it is. I luckily have met a lot of people especially this nice doula who have given me some very useful advice. Women have been having babies for centuries and I never heard of someone saying your baby's head was too big for the body! Some Dr.'s seem to know exactly what to say (ha ha). After telling me all the consequences of my completely safe choice my Dr. said one of the consequences is that he might not be on duty if he didn't induce me. I'm thinking "GOOD"!

Thanks for all the good thoughts you're sending my way!!!