January 21, 2011

Help! Lesson Exchange

I compiled a list of everyone who sent me a lesson.

In the list I listed
Your lesson title, your first name, grades taught, state (country) taught in and linked your blog.
I published it and then went to go look at it and it disappeared (you can see for yourself if you scroll back through my posts!)
This took me over an hour to do because I had to go through everyone's e-mails to get the info.

Some of you asked if there's anyway you could help. I need you all to help me by commenting with your lesson title, first name, grades taught, state taught in and blog link.

I hope you can do this and save me an hour of work!


Phyl said...

Hi Erica, sorry that happened to you. I always wish there was an "undo" button on blogger - it would help for when you inadvertently click something away.

Anyhow - my lesson title is "Words that Describe Themselves". I'm Phyl, I teach K-6 in northern NY state, and the link to "There's a Dragon in my Art Room" is http://plbrown.blogspot.com/

I promise I will send the lesson to you tomorrow if I don't get it sent out tonight. I've been feeling lousy all week, and with the stress of crazy drives all week, it has taken its toll on me and I haven't followed through on anything. But it's basically done and ready for you.

Marcia Beckett said...

I'm going to send you a lesson plan next week. I have it all typed up and ready to go. The kids were doing this lesson with a sub this week and I don't have a finished example yet. Should I wait or just send the typed up lesson? It's pretty self-explanatory. It will be
"10 Object Drawing"
Marcia Beckett
K-6 Art, Madison, WI
Vivid Layers

Unknown said...


kszwahl said...

"Are You Sleeping Second Grade?"
Kathy Zwahl
Leavenworth KS
B-Art-Z Elementary Art

Unknown said...

Thanks Kathy! Send me pics PlEaSE!!! Talk to you soon.

Christie - Fine Lines said...

OMG - I can just imagine how you felt!!!
Here's the info:
4-Letter Words
Grades K-5
Santa Monica, California
Fine Lines: http://kids-finelines.blogspot.com/

mum2maggie said...

I replied to your email last night--let me know if you need me to send the lesson and pics again!!
susan rudolph
"warm and cool hand op art design"
grades 1-5 appleton, wisconsin
no blog

Unknown said...

Got it thanks! Don't worry lessons are safe and sound just blog entries that are disappearing.

Mrs. Erb said...

I sent you a reply email, but here is my info as well:

Lesson: Op-Art Line Design
I'm Christina Papanikolaou and my blog is Ms. Papanikolaou's Art page @ www.wesbmsart.blogspot.com

I teach in MA, north of Boston.

Paper Pear said...

I just re-sent you my lesson! Sorry It did not work yesterday and I hope that how I sent it to you is ok and you have all the info you need! Please let me know if you would like me to send it in another format! Here is my info...
3rd-5th grade Art
Masterpiece with a Twist

Paper Pear said...


Phyl said...

I was just cleaning out my emails etc especially ones notifying me of blog comments when I re-read yours about Netflix. Classical ballet? Wow! You were a dancer? I'm pigeon-toed and such a klutz that I'm lucky I can walk without tripping (plus being very short, I'm always standing on things and falling off) so I can't imagine being a classical ballet dancer! I'm impressed. What made you stop?

Unknown said...

I was in grade 8 and I wanted to try softball! I was too big to be a ballerina! But it is an interesting and wild world (ballet)