January 11, 2011

Everyday Super Heroes!

This post going out to Mrs. Hahn at Mini Matisse.

Here are our Artist Trading Cards in progress!  The theme is "Super Heroes." My students and I decided to take a person from their life that is their hero and draw them as a "Super Hero." We talked about why this person is their hero and what would make our person "look" like a super hero. We got a lot of ideas from Mrs. Hahn's students (you can see their art trading cards spread out on the tables.) They added capes to their cousins, masks to their moms, and SD emblems for their super dads!

These are the awesome cards Mrs. Hahn's classes sent us.

"Super Cousin!"

Super Hero Brother.

Helping with homework makes this Dad super.

"Daddy look. Thank you for helping me!" 

More cards from Mrs. Hahn's talented kids.


Mrs. Hahn said...

Hoo Ray, Hoo Ray! I can't wait to show the kids. I'm putting your blog into my lesson right now. Thanks for posting... they will get a kick out of it!

Art Project Girl said...
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Art Project Girl said...

If your reading this. . .

Give your teacher Mrs. Hahn a hand! She has done so many awesome projects with you and you are all very talented! My students were very inspired once they saw your art work. Keep on inspiring others with your best work! You can expect our cards by the end of the month.

Mrs. Hahn said...

The kids are love'n being 'famous'. I love the motivation. Thanks for all the support in your comment!

Kati said...

I just started this with my students! Maybe we can exchange sometime? : ) http://okeefesbackyard.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/artist-trading-cards/