January 9, 2011

Make Your Own Drawing Boards

I have been longing for enough drawing boards or clipboards for an entire class. After a little thought, I came up with this FREE solution (I already had all the supplies in my cabinets and you might too!)

They sit next to our easel. 
We will use them for various things, like practicing while I demonstrate techniques on the easel, taking notes, or drawing outside (I can't wait for that one!)

You'll need 3 things:

$6.99 for 60 at STAPLES
FREE from your local framer
 (they will usually save the inserts that they cut out of the matte board to make the frames.)


You probably already have your own solution to drawing boards.  Please share with me if you do!


Phyl said...

When an old middle school classroom of mine was renovated with new cabinetry, the cabinets were to include individual spaces for student work, with masonite shelves. Well, they cut them all wrong; the sides were not right angles!! So they had to re-make the shelving, and they left me with all these nice pieces of masonite. Since then, we have used them as large drawing boards, and I also have had the tech teacher cut some them for me any time I need a strong base for a sculpture,etc. When we use them as drawing boards, I sometimes use bulldog clips to hold the paper, and sometimes tape. The only thing wrong with them is storage - they are large and heavy. I've never thought about using small drawing boards, though, like yours, as my kids generally are seated at the tables.

Angie said...

I like the idea of using mat boards, especially since I had many mat boards recently donated. Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

Masonite is awesome for everything! You got lucky with that mistake. Masonite is a great idea for the clay stuff. I have to get some. Bulldog clips are worth the investment if you can buy them because they're easier to undo.

I usually have k-2 sit on the carpet for demos and such b/c we still have problems getting all of us around the tables and seeing. Some of my toughest classes are really hands on so when I put something in their hands it keeps them from fidgeting or bugging someone else (gasp:)

All these posts about elmos are making me wonder if I should try harder to make technology work. I know how you feel about all those gadgets too! I go from one project/grade level to another and pulling out gadgets is really tough. And then when they don't work I feel myself sweat! Not cool.

Love your gadget post and you're not a dinosaur and if you were I would want to be one too!!! You're class is what kids need.

Anonymous said...

Add a sheet of laminated white paper to this clipboard and you have just turned them into a dry erase board as well! :)

Unknown said...

That is cool! I will try that too if I can order some dry erase next year they would love it. I always "catch" kids trying to use the dry erase board. They love writing on the board. When they do get away with writing a note on the board they are pretty cute though.