November 30, 2010

Magazine Bowl Update.

The magazine bowls were a huge hit today. I think my bilingual 5th grade class is obsessed with making magazine bowls now. This project might become a cult classic.

The best surprise came at the end of the day. One of my students, who a few weeks ago couldn't care less about my class, completed a beautiful magazine bowl in his classroom!  He must've spent every extra minute and recess making this beautiful bowl. He has been thriving ever since we started sculptural projects. Two weeks ago we started our clay unit. The minute he had a lump of clay in his hand he changed from a goofy, uninterested student into a focused and talented artist. The first clay project he has ever done in his life and it was the best in the class (even better than my example!) I have never seen a kid realize his talent so quickly.

I love when kids surprise me and themselves.

My job is to give them the opportunity.

Love my job.


Snippety Gibbet said...

I wonder if classroom teachers feel that joy as often as we do.

Christie - Fine Lines said...

I think (and hope) that any good teacher who works with kids lives for those wonderful moments when kids realize and recognize their potential!! What a great profession!!

Unknown said...

I hope some of the classroom teachers still can feel the joy with all the testing and pressure they're under! When I got laid off people said I should go back and get my cert for elementary ed. The idea never crossed my mind and hasn't since! I thought of a million jobs before being a classroom teacher. Art is the best class in school. I know I'm biased being an artist.

I wouldn't teach anything else!

Phyl said...

I'm with you - wouldn't want to teach anything else. The kids always say art and gym are the best parts of their day, and I wouldn't survive a day as a gym teacher - too much running and noise.
I'm going to find some time to give these bowls a chance again now that I know you were successful. I have the magazines out for surreal collages, so I might as well leave them out for bowls!

Mrs. Hahn said...

OK... you have inspired me. I may give this a try. Thanks for the update and the success story. I had a little fibers sewer yesterday tell me, "Mrs. Hahn, I guess I was just born to sew. I never knew I could do that."

Unknown said...

Make sure you have LOTS of extra glue sticks if you try this!!! Just warning you we go through a lot.

Ruth Lee said...

that's great!! it's such a rewarding feeling to know you're making a difference in a child's life. It certainly goes both ways:)

BTW, I made copies of blank Comic Life templates and the students LOVED drawing in them during free art! Thanks for introducing them to us!

Mrs. Hahn said...

Are you having the kids fold it at an angle? How about the glue, are they just gluing the last little bit of the folded paper? Are they using the sticks to glue them while wrapping it onto the bow? I think I'm going to do this after winter break. I made mine today and love it. I think it is something kids will want to try at home. Thanks again for sharing, also thanks to all your blogging fans for sharing so much information.

Unknown said...

We folded them straight across (did the diagonal work better?) We glued the two edges on the sides (so it stuck as we rolled but it isn't necessary) then at the top. We also put a line of glue on the finished coil so it would stick as you roll it around. . . Does this make any sense? How did you do yours? how did it work?

Yeah I know we have the best network of bloggers that has been so helpful.

So glad Comic LIfe is working out for you too Ruth! I love it as well.