October 12, 2010

S.O.S I Need Your Help!

Blogger Friends,

I am going to write my S.O.S. in a virtual bottle and throw it in the cyber sea!

I need your help! I have volunteered to get
examples of report cards. Our administrator has agreed to look at other districts for ideas. You can probably hear my big sigh of relief all the way in your state!

Here's what I need

1. Your name (please include your blog so I can identify you) 
2. The district and state you teach in.
3. The report card language (please be exact)
4. The grading scale (A,B,C 1,2,3, etc.)

I know this is personal information but I am trying to make my search legitimate. You can e-mail me on my private e-mail at litchfieldartroom@yahoo.com. I will be taking my e-mail address off this post in a few days so copy it down please.

Thank you! I hope some of you can come through for me and I hope to return the favor one day soon.



Anonymous said...

I am happy to help you!

1. Jessica Balsley from The ART of Education (see link above to my blog)

2. Ankeny, IA (growing suburb north of Des Moines, IA. We have 8 elementary schools. I am the coordinator for our art department. I plan all Professional Development for art teachers, provide training and also provide direction and curriculum assistance for our teachers. I also teach 500 students a week.

3. Report Card Language. We do standards based grading. Each grade level has 6 Power Standards that students need to meet throughout the year. Example: First grade students will create a 6 hue color wheel. or 4th grade students will create a design using radial symmetry. All of our Power Standards are based upon creation, not simply knowing information. I am happy to share all of our Power Standards with everyone, and in fact, this week is Assessment Week on my blog and I will be posting it soon! Feel free to contact me if you want it, too!

4. Our grading Scale:

4 Exceed Standars
3 Meets Standard
2 Making Progress Towards Standard
1 Not making any progress towards standard

I am happy to share anything and also show samples of how we, as 8 different elementary schools all teach the same concepts in the same months.

Good luck! I think we have a lot in common and I am excited to collaborate with you more! I am also looking for sample assessment plans from other districts, too!


Lori Keihl said...

Too funny! You have to see the blog post I just made!!!!! Seconds ago! I will send more info to you, however, please read what I wrote! I have been on both sides of thoughts- but after 13 years...I SUPER recommend that you go to a take home portfolio system for the reasons you will see. Your point should be that this is a better communication device- you can control what goes in which is always different than other specials- and believe me it is easier! Save yourself!!!! Do not do the report card.

Unknown said...

I love your portfolios! I can't comment on your blog post for some reason I have a MAC and have run into this problem with a few of the blogs. Portfolios will be a great idea for K-2. I have the 3-5 writing in journals every art class so I feel like we can't have one more thing on the tables! Do you hand them out and have the kids put their work in them? I wish I could not do the report card but it's not an option:( I totally agree with your blog post it takes a lot of time away for very little usable info for parents. I would love to see more of what's in your portfolios!!!!

Lori- funart4kids.blogspot.com said...

Hey, can you add your email to my list..? Email me at lkeihl34@gmail.com I have a list growing of people who want ideas for these. I am not sure if it would be easier to email or post them yet. And, I also have kids in 4th working in folders (they do a huge color wheel unit, so it is easier). Basically, it does not matter where you save it- journal, book, folder- it is all the same in the end. Keep plugging!Good luck!