September 23, 2010

My Pet Monster

As a grown up Where the Wild Things Are is my favorite children's book. Maurice Sendak's "wild things" make me dream about my own secret island with my own rules!

I asked my students, what if you had your own pet monster? What would it look like? What special powers would it have? What would it use its' powers for? What would it eat? What kinds of animals features would it have (a neck of camel, a tail of crocodile?) What kinds of textures, scales, feathers, fur?  I will share with you their journals entries about their pet monsters tomorrow. 

I'm so excited with how creative their drawings are!

Here is the work in progress.

I tried this same project with a class earlier in the week and was not getting very creative responses. I  drew handouts that provide a little visual inspiration my classes today. I especially focused on the features of the face (that's what they were having the most problems with) and I am happy to report that I did not see one triangle nose today!


Phyl said...

I like the little handouts.
I'm planning on a Matisse month. Wouldn't Wild Things tie in well with the fauves? I see wild beasts with wild colors... maybe it will work with my whole wild animals thing. I sense an idea coming... Yeah!

Unknown said...

love it love it! Exciting idea! It's really original! I have to get my scanner working to I can scan my handouts so they can be printed out as PDF's