September 20, 2010

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Dracula!

I swear people in our neighborhood must think we are vampires! My husband gets home from his job as a chef between 11:00 and 1:00am! So that means on Friday and Saturday nights I will take a nap and then make dinner around 10:00 and eat at 11:00. Crazy as it seems it's the only way we get to spend any time together.

So Nick, my wonderful husband, turned 30 and OF COURSE he was working! So all day I shopped for a ton of presents, wrapped them really wacky, found his favorite cake, made dinner, decorated and even my mom came over. We hid and when he came in yelled surprise! He came in just before 12:00 so it was a totally legitimate birthday! 

He made me promise not to post these pics on facebook! I have to post them somewhere right?

Not to worry we will have more celebrations. Nick's birthday FESTIVAL is in full swing!


Unknown said...

Carrot Cake is the perfect choice for this NOCTURNAL couple right:)

Phyl said...

Thanks so much for sharing your personal life with us! You look like such a sweet couple and are lucky to have each other!

Mary said...

That is so sweet! My husband is in "the business" too so he has those same crazy hours -late nights and weekends. I have never planned a late night birthday for him. Maybe I should try it. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Mary I feel ya! It isn't easy so he must be an awesome guy. That's the only way I get through AND it's nice to have your own time after work!
Thanks Phyl ditto I like hearing about your son :) We are so lucky to have a great fam.