September 25, 2010

I Went Shopping Today!

My students are loving the group leaf texture rubbings from Barbara's Thought of the Day. Two students actually "thanked" me for this cool leaf project (thanks Barbara.) The pleasure was mine!

I want to do more with texture and nature because it is such a big hit. The problem is we don't have a lot of "nature" around the school and we don't have a lot of time with back to back classes. So on a hike today, I started noticing tons of cool textures. If only my students could be there! Bittersweet! I collected tons of stuff for them to use to make a texture collage.

Acorn Tops. The squirrels are actually throwing them down into piles this time of year.

Pine Needles.

Dried flower.

Burrs. I read somewhere that burrs inspired Velcro. They are all stuck to my dogs tail too.

Tomorrow I will collect more leaves! Now what to do with all of these great natural textures! We will definitely make a nature collage but I am torn between three ideas.

One creating a texture creature inspired by. . .


Discussing the work of Andy Goldsworthy and creating a nature collage. This idea would be awesome if I had a great outdoor natural space and extra time to do it in instead of being stuck in a classroom. 

Let me know if you have a nature collage or texture idea!


therese english perdue said...

SO excited to see what you'll make with those neat textures!!
Last year, I did a project using 'Leaf Man'... the kids made their own Leaf Person or Animal glueing leaves onto paper and we came up with stories on where their characters blew away to- it was really FUN! I think it would be pretty great if you gave the kids leaves and all of the treasures you found to make their creations! I also did a lesson on Andy Goldsworthy this year that was SO much fun and the kids loved it!!! Check it out the kids work here:
I also have been thinking of doing this project, if I could think of a way to make it a little more meaningful:
Can't wait to see what you'll do!!! :)

honeybee said...

I also have done a Leaf Man (person) lesson in the past, and the kids love it. Instead of requiring an image of a person, I allow them to make a picture of anything recognizable. Kids end up making anything from fish swimming to dump trucks and puppies.

Also, in the latest Martha Stewart Living Halloween addition there is a cute project where you cut out jack-o-lantern shapes from a leaf and then press them. They turn out really cute and could be a great positive/negative space lesson.