August 27, 2010

Snippets of My Art Room

Picture my student surprised me with for Teacher of the Year. Now it proudly hangs outside my door to  greet new students! 

I was able to get my room completely set up this week. Here are some snippets of the room. I'll post the complete reveal Monday after the first day of school!

The Art Room

I made table markers!

Carpet area with easel, velcro board and felt board (stored right now) for K-2.

What's featured on the velcro board: The Rules and Procedures.

The "Art Gallery" behind my desk is a work in progress.

Close up of bulletin board.
Bulletin Board of art from around the world.

Free Draw and Reading Center.
Rules board in Front of Class.

Behavior Chart. 

Work Time Noise Monitoring. The black arrow is where I would like them to be. The red arrow is where the noise level is. The more they keep the arrows together, the better score they get on the behavior chart. 


Phyl said...

I love your carpet area - I don't have a space like that in my room. And I may must steal the noise monitor - clever idea!

I'm curious about all the Spanish - do you have a lot of bilingual students, or do you have a theme planned that relates to Spanish-speaking cultures?

By the way - on my blog I posted a response to your question about my big schedule -how I made it (the key is the posterboard sold in packs of 3 at Staples that has a very light 1/2" grid on it, making it easier to make big charts/signs.)

Unknown said...

Yes we have a huge Spanish speaking population. We have a couple students speaking polish and other languages. Ideally I would like to have Arabic and Polish up too which I will work on in future years. It's good to for me to start to learn another language too! I took a lot of French in school which has now proven to be a waste of time! I haven't used that idea for a noise monitor but from what I know it might just work! Especially when attached to their point chart.

Thanks for the tip on the schedule I love it. I really want to do that. I might put velcro on the back of the blocks because they get switched a lot in the beginning of the year. LOVE YOUR ROOM! and of course your blog.

Phyl said...

The feeling's mutual - love your blog too!
The velcro sounds like a great idea - I have lots of switcheroos for field trips/concerts/assemblies etc too. I note the switches in my plan book, but I guess it would be a great idea to note it on the chart. I usually write myself a big note on the board about switches so I don't inadvertently forget.

tana... said...

Good for you with the decorating! And way to go for sharing your room with us! I have five days of workshops beginning on Monday, so I am trying to get in my "teacher mode" and motivated to begin decorating two rooms - I travel... Check out my blog -

Mrs. Coughlin said...

i love your art around the world board!! so cool!! your room looks great!!

Paintedpaper said...

How did I miss this post! I love your room and all the natural light!. I love that beautiful carpet too! Mine are basic gray. I love how tidy it is and I agree with have a tidy work space so kids can find supplies! :)