August 8, 2010

Arty Wedding Weekend

This weekend we went to our good friends wedding in Rochester, NY.

The minute I walked into the reception space I knew I would be sharing it with my blogger friends. Here's a tour of the most unique wedding venue I've ever seen. The iphone pictures can't possibly describe the explosive feeling of this place. An old factory has been divided into a maze of gallery rooms filled ceiling to floor with art. Artisanworks is a must see if you ever visit Rochester. 

The newlyweds cut the cake in the gallery.

This is the first thing I noticed. The nightmarish headless bride floating a bike.

 This is a hanging cup holder sphere that reminds me of Buckminster Fuller's work. I might do this with kids!

More recycled art. Take a closer look.

Recycled keys!

Check out the grass in front of the green tractor.

Painted vertical blinds in recycled laundry detergent containers.

A real firetruck in the gallery. 
Art from floor to ceiling in this pass through room.
Art lines every hallway.
Animal lovers beware. "Stuffed animal" vignettes at every turn.
Playing with the cameras on display in the KODAK room.

Entering the KODAK room through the darkroom door.


Phyl said...

Oh my goodness! My son goes to college in at the University of Rochester! Why has he never told me about or taken me to this place??!!! Since he has a car, I don't have to drive him back to school in the fall, but next trip to Rochester to visit I'll DEFINITELY go there. THANKS!!!!

Unknown said...

That's funny because our friend who lived in Rochester all her life had never been there either until she looked for wedding venues. Lucky you, there's so much to do in Rochester!

Amanda @ Our Humble A{Bowe}d said...

Hi Erica,

This looks like it was a fun trip! Lots of cool stuff!!


Brittney said...

That is really neat!