July 9, 2010

My Mangy Mutt!

My poor dog. I decided to shave him for the summer like in this picture. 

 So in the DIY spirit I went to Walmart and bought a $10.00 clipper (which is where it all started to go wrong.) Note: In the above picture a professional dog groomer shaved him. It was going as well as can be expected until the shaver broke half way through and now he looks like this!

Can you see the embarrassment in his face! I had to bring him for a walk tonight looking like this. He hung his head in shame the whole way. Poor old guy and all he got was a consolation bone. 

I hope he'll forgive me soon. Maybe tomorrow when I go get better clippers. By the looks he gives me I don't think it will be any time soon. 

Got any dog shaving advice? I need it. 

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