May 29, 2010

There's A Wocket In My Pocket!

Dr. Seuss brings me so much inspiration. Here's a confession. I appreciate Dr. Seuss more as an adult then I ever did as a child. As a child I detested Dr. Seuss books.  In his work, he creates his own zany rules that never made sense to me as a child. Now his books make a lot of sense in the real world (after I've lived here for awhile.)

For this project we read There's A Wocket in My Pocket! Students were asked to become illustrators and create their own character for the story. First, I showed how to draw the shape of the body. Next, we added all the details. Long legs, short legs, furry feet, big feet, dresses, a shield, curly hair, spikey hair, mustaches, jewelry, glasses and so on. I showed tons of examples of characters that I had drawn myself.

When illustrations where complete students became the author.  I asked the student where their character lived. If they said "a cave" for example I would write the word cave and erase the first letter. The student would fill in any letter (except c) to create a rhyming word (which would be the name of their character.)

Can you tell which two students were sitting next to each other?

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